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Dear PUBG Mobile Officials,

PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS was the game we've always been waiting to get our hands on since we admired big personalities like Shroud and DrDisrespect playing it and having fun with their squad. But not owning a good pc always made it a dream. And there comes the PUBG Mobile, the game that brought the experice of playing BATTLEGROUNDS on our mobile devices for which we don't have to have a wonderful pc yet we can enjoy the game and there we cheered with joy. Many faces Like MORTAL, 8bit-Thug, etc. and clans like Soul, 8bit, IND, etc are few great players who play on mobile devices and represented India in international PUBG Mobile tournaments. Thank you for making this possbile.
The problem is EMULATOR or say your official EMULATOR which makes it possible to play the mobile game on desktop computers, which is not fair. The EMULATOR upon opening it shows EMULATOR DETECTED, YOU'LL BE MATCHED AGAINTS EMULATOR PLAYER which is a big lie. Because even though I am playing with my squad (all of us were playing on mobile device) we still get matched againts EMULATOR players. This is not fair, this is not acceptable. This is not fair because the player who's using an emulator clearly has an advantage over us(players playing on mobile devies). This is not fair because we always thought that we are being matched againts mobile players, which is not true. This is not fair because we spend our money to buy elite royal pass. This is cleary not fair and doesnt make any sense to release a mobile game to be playable on desktop PCs.


There is only one option to make this right. BAN THE EMULATOR. Sorry people who say what's wrong with you Tencent is giving us a platform where we can enjoy the game as we have desktop PC but can't affrod to run the PC version of the game. If you EMULATOR players really want to enjoy the game then buy a mobile device and come play the game how it's meant to be! By playing the mobile game on EMULATOR you guys are ruining the fun of playing with game. Your EMULATOR players are also inturn ruining the communites( both mobile and pc gaming). So I humbly request the PUBG Mobile Offcials to give it a thought and BAN the EMULATOR and save the game. Otherwise WE NOT GONNA SPEND A SINGLE RUPEE on this game from now on and WE MAY START TO UNINSTALL THIS GAME as there's no reason to play in these conditions.

It's been a very long time now and the truth of matchmaking has been revealed, THERE"S NO SEPARETE LOBBY FOR EMULATOR PLAYERS stop lying to us because we spend our money in this game. And also I'd like to appeal to all the youtubers who play PUBG Mobile on daily basis on their EMULATORS, not to decieve your viewers by saying that there are separate loobies and continue to fool them. JUST STOP THIS.

Here, I request all the people who understands this and want to see this change happen please sign this petition and make this change happen, we love playing PUBG Mobile but our money worth more than this.