Stand Down Metro Officers and Make PTV free

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This is a call for all Myki officers to be STOOD DOWN. In these times, it is abhorrently unfair that they still be conducting random Myki checks when people are losing their jobs and struggling to even put food on the table! Furthermore, when they are approaching people in groups and not upholding the Government enforced laws of social isolating themselves, which is completely unacceptable! No masks, no concern for public health - they are becoming more and more of a hazard!

Those people who are still travelling on public transport are not doing so willingly, but to get to their essential service position. Most of them would rather not have to risk their health on these vehicles, which are likely to be epicentres for infection. The fact that amid all of this fear and anxiety they still have to caution themselves around Myki Officers is appalling.

As such, all PTV should be free in these times - not only to avoid transmission of the virus through Myki cards, but to support those whose money should be going towards looking after their families in these tough times. Myki Officers would be better utilised ensuring people are social distancing rather than checking on petty travel payments.