Psychology Today Needs to Add Gender Options


Psychology Today Needs to Add Gender Options

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Online therapist directories that allow potential clients to filter therapists by gender should include at least three gender options. Beyond traditional options of male and female, gender options should include (but not be limited to) trans and non-binary.

The leading therapist directory in the country, Psychology Today, does not allow their website visitors to filter for therapists that identify as transgender and/or non-binary.

Why should therapist directories have a Trans/Non-binary gender option?

People who identify outside of a gender binary (or do not identify as cisgender male or female) should be able to easily find a therapist who similarly identifies. It’s as simple as that. Many clients seek a therapist who has had similar experiences in life, and those clients should be able to easily and quickly search for one on a therapist directory.

What Psychology Today has done recently is not good enough

Recently, Psychology Today has included categories that therapists can select and display on their profile, including “Transgender Allied.”  While this is definitely a step in the right direction and has been a long time coming, these new categories cannot be searched by people that are trying to filter therapist listings on the Psychology Today directory.  Not adding trans or non-binary as gender options that can be searched easily sends a powerful message about what genders Psychology Today thinks are more important.

Therapist directories need to evolve with the times

The mental health landscape is evolving quickly. Stigma around mental illness is waning, and more people than ever before are seeking to work with a therapist. Mental health benefits are now included in all insurance plans because of the Affordable Care Act. People who are a part of marginalized communities, especially those vulnerable to mental health issues, should be able to access counseling services easily. As a more diverse population starts reaching out for mental health services, therapist directories have a responsibility to evolve with the times and meet the demand.

The undersigned urge Psychology Today to add (at least) a third gender option (trans/non-binary) to their online directory listings.

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This petition made change with 1,702 supporters!

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