Remove fines for protesters following social distancing

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On Saturday the 6th of June hundreds attended a “Black Lives Matter” protest in Belfast in response to the treatment of George Floyd and wider racial issues. The PSNI distributed fines to protesters for breaking social distancing guidelines, despite the vast majority following government issued social distancing guidelines.

This is made particularly egregious given that mass gatherings have occurred at beaches and other public places with no social distancing while the police merely watched.

I believe that these fines should be removed and cancelled, especially given the very real and tragic cause of this protest. I have linked a photo illustrating the social distancing occurring at these protests.

It’s immoral the PSNI allow people to socialise in one setting, yet when people attempt to cause real change they issue fines. Particularly during the pandemic when money is tight for a lot of people.

Please sign in support of the protesters, and pressure the PSNI into doing what is simply right and moral.