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To stop the "Walinde Uwapendao" adverts on TV, radio and social media

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While acknowledging the risk that concurrent sexual relationships pose for partners and/or spouses with regard to HIV and/or STD infection, this advert is in bad taste, undermining the values of trust and commitment in relationships. The advert sends a message that "mpango wa kando" is okay so long as one uses protection. This advert contradicts the previous campaign dubbed "Wacha mpango wa kando" which pointed out the cost of cheating on one's spouse, including financial and psycho-social costs, apart from the risk of infection. One thing PSI Kenya did not take into consideration is that more and more Kenyans are presenting with cases of marital discord/dysfunction because of cheating spouses/partners and that the message contravenes the values that the family institution strives to espouse.

This advert must be stopped with immediate effect because it is sending the message that when one's sexual needs are not being met in the partnership or marriage, it is okay to look out for someone else so long as this cheating is protected. This advert violates the rights of people who are committed to having relationships based on trust, open communication and growth. The advert further passes on a wrong message to the general public by capitalizing on stereotypes that label men as being drunkards who do not fulfill their partners' or spouses' sexual needs, while providing the woman a short-lived solution. People do not engage in sex just for sex. Sex between two people who love each other and are committed to the relationship is not just sex; it is a psycho-social, spiritual and emotional act that should be treated with the respect and honor it deserves.

Sign this petition to STOP this advert. This is a wrong message being sent out. Mpango wa kando is wrong, whichever way you look at it: with a condom or without a condom! And signing this petition means that you are protecting that which you value: FAMILY!

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