Reduced Transportation increases isolation of Black Tickle, NL

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Residents fear impacts to health, food/supplies and travel

Black Tickle is a beautiful, remote island community on the south coast of Labrador with no road access to mainland communities. Over the past number of years, residents have experienced diminished programs and service delivery by both provincial and federal governments. This has resulted in significant impacts on their way of life, well-being and health outcomes. Recent changes to transportation services leaves the community with reduced and inequitable ferry services from July to November. Up until this summer, the regular ferry service has provided residents with the most reliable form of transportation that was not completely dependent upon weather conditions. Residents are deeply concerned about being further isolated from accessing urgent health services, food and needed supply delivery and the freedom to travel in and out of the community. The continued and further attempts to isolate residents in Black Tickle is unjust. The Government’s unwillingness to provide the basic supports to this Inuit community is an indication that reconciliation is not a priority in their relationship with the residents of Black Tickle.

Please join the residents of Black Tickle in their pursuit of fair and equitable treatment by all levels of Government by signing this petition.