Help Stop Animal Testing!

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Each year thousands of animals die in labs while being tested on for cosmetics, drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. Testing on animals is cruel and inhumane, and even if the drugs that pass animal testing aren't always safe for human use. Now with our developing technology there are now alternatives to testing on animals. They are called 'organs-on-chips' which contain human cells to mimic the structure and function of the human body which is more accurate system to test on than animals. Scientists have also developed computer models that replicate the human body and can accurately predict the ways the vaccines will react to developing diseases. One last alternative is researching with human volunteers with a method called micro-dosing. They are given a very small dose of a drug and are monitored to see what happens, it shows what doesn't work on humans right away so we don't have to do unnecessary tests on animals. As you can see there are plenty of other ways we can test cosmetics and other drugs and vaccines, so we don't have to use animals. If you sign this petition we are one step closer to saving the lives of thousands of animals who are tested on each year. Thank you for your time.