MAKE GYMS ESSENTIAL- we deserve to work on our mental and physical health!

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Before this pandemic doctors and scientists have preached about the benefits of fitness for our overall health for years and years. All forms of fitness are essential for our Mental, physical and spiritual health along with helping with the preventative against disease. In fact  owning a gym we have seen almost 60% of clients come in because they have been told by their doctors they need some form of exercise to help assist in recovery of illness or injury.

Since this pandemic we have lost our rights to anything that is beneficial to our mental and physical health.

We have been stripped of anything that makes us feel better In any sort of way and have to sit back and take the rules and regulations being put in place by the Government telling us what they deem is essential.

Meanwhile our kids are losing out on all sports and activities, our mental health is decreasing, suicide rates are at an all-time high, heart disease is an an all time high, domestic and child abuse is at an all time high with the thought that because stress is at an all-time high and we have no outlet to release it it is being released in negative abusive ways.

Please help us in signing this petition to help make Gyms essential so that we can continue to be strong mentally and physically. 

It has been scientifically proven that any form of fitness decreases stress hormones in our bodies releasing endorphins which make us feel happy. It has been proven that fitness abs movement IS ESSENTIAL for our health so why is the government taking away our fights to stay strong so we can fight disease?

 If you can go to unregulated packed malls where known outbreaks of Covid 19 have been, packed like sardines in hallways to continue shopping and spending the Last of our savings why can’t we go to regulated gyms working at 15-25 percent capacity And ensuring all health and safety measures have been put in place to give us just one outlet in this long, dark, cold winter to work on all forms of our health.


Take a stand with us the more we comply the less rights we will have!

Please sign and share so we can fight for our rights!