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Ban the Bag Canada!

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Please support the ban of thin filmed, single use plastic bags used by retailers by signing this petition. Your signature will assist the long term health and safety of both Canadians and the environment.

Canadians use 2.86 billion plastic bags annually. By signing this petition, you will help to remove the serious threat that these 2.86 billion plastic bags pose to the Canadian environment. Bags are an issue because plastics are made from polymers that are made from fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of materials therefore have a large environmental footprint.
Improper disposal leads to litter. Litter is not only aesthetically an issue but a hazard for ecosystems, habitats and wildlife.
Plastic bags generate 33 g of carbon dioxide.
Plastic bags do not breakdown but break into smaller pieces. These pieces are then eaten by wildlife and then they eventually die of starvation or blockages.

Canada is known for its pristine environment and we culturally cherish it. Supporting the ban of thin filmed plastic bags will help maintain this valued resource and Canadian pride.

Pledging your support to the ban will:

Prohibit the single use of plastic bags at retail locations;
Assist in establishing legislated standards for reusable bags;
Set minimum costs for reusable bag

By bringing awareness to the issues surrounding the single use plastic bag, this petition hopes to gain support for policy changes throughout the provinces.

 Please see the documentation behind this issue, including alternative policy suggestions and a full list of references here:

Full documentation and references