Protect St. Mary's Bay/Baie Ste. Marie - Ban Open Net Fish Farms in Nova Scotia

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The St. Mary’s Bay Protectors (SMBP) Network is a group of community organizations, citizens, fishers, lobster fishers & business owners concerned about the economic prosperity, social well-being and environmental sustainability of our coastal resources.

Currently, Cermaq Canada (a Norwegian-based company that is a 100% owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi, Tokyo, with operations in Norway, Chile, and British Columbia) is scoping the possibility of creating an open net salmon farming operation in St. Mary’s Bay/Baie Sainte-Marie in southwest Nova Scotia.

We believe their proposal to operate 17-20 open net Salmon fish pens of 20,000 metric tons (44 millions of lbs. of fish) will result in the same environmental degradation seen in their own and similar aquaculture operations from British Colombia, Newfoundland, Norway, Vietnam, and elsewhere in the world. We believe it will pose risks to wild fish species, pollute existing ecosystems, and eventually, imperil larger aquatic species such as whales that thrive in our area. Further, we believe it has the potential to seriously undermine the existing and valuable lobster and scallop industries. The lobster industry employs thousands in District 33/34 alone and is worth over $500 million annually, and the scallop industry in southwest Nova is worth over $100 million per year.

We, the undersigned, call on the Aquaculture Review Board to reject Cermaq Canada's application to operate in Nova Scotian waters. We want our government at all levels to know that we do not want open-pen fish farms. We know that marine-based fin-fish facilities cannot be sustainably operated and, therefore, we demand a permanent moratorium on this kind of aquaculture and insist that all future finfish aquaculture sites be only closed containment, land-based facilities.