Provide Mountain Bike Specific Trail Access in California State Parks!

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To California Department of Parks and Recreation,

We the mountain bike community, including Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz and the individuals whose signatures are contained herein, request that you please take measures to re-evaluate your policies concerning mountain bike access to lands owned and operated by the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

The ever expanding popularity of the sport of mountain biking has exposed the need to update the way we view recreational access to our state administered public lands. We urge the California Department of Parks and Recreation to take the initiative to provide mountain bike specific recreation on its lands. Our state lags far behind in terms of mountain bike specific recreational facilities.

Please take the following actions into consideration:

  1. Update trail and land designations to include designations for mountain bike specific trails and riding areas.
  2. Prioritize the funding of deferred roads and trails plans to determine where mountain bikes may be integrated into existing trail networks and where new access opportunities are present.
  3. Formalize a process for stewardship non-profit organizations to become legitimate partners on trail projects including, design, permitting, and construction.

Petition received by:

  • Alexandra Stehl, Statewide Trails Program Manager, California Department of Parks and Recreation
  • John Laird, Secretary Natural Resources Agency 
  • Lisa Mangat, Director of California Department of Parks Recreation 
  • Chris Spohrer, Santa Cruz Disctrict Superintendent 
  • California Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Karl Knapp, Chief of Facilities Management Division