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Protest SOPA with 24 Hour Content Blackout

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The Protect IP or SOPA Act currently in sub-committee, threatens the freedom of speech for not just Americans but to everyone around the world.

The majority of Americans seem to be against this current proposed legislature, however I would believe that most of them have not actually voiced their opinions to their elected representatives.

Blacking out websites such as Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, Deviantart, Twitter, Google and other websites that rely on user submitted content for only 24 hours would send a strong statement to the United States government that there is much opposition to this proposed piece of legislature.

In fact, Wikipedia CEO Jimmy Wales is already considering such a blackout, and I feel it would be beneficial if other websites considered this form of protest as well.


Please follow Jimmy Wales & Wikipedia as an example and start the discussion now of a possible 24 hour blackout as a form of protesting SOPA.

Additionally, please provide links or contact information of elected representatives in the US for users to contact to voice their concern about this proposed act.

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