Protest against the continued hunting of Wolves in Sweden

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Protest against the continued hunting of Wolves in Sweden

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Anne Holmberg started this petition to Sweden Parliamentary Ombudsman

The situation for the wolves in Sweden is very critical.

28 wolves killed in one day's hunting in January. Since then 28 more have been killed for various reasons, and now it is clear that the number of puppy areas cut by almost half compared with last year and the year before

The number of cases of illegal hunting of wolves and other large predators have increased in 2010, according to new figures.Licence to kill wolves that were introduced this past winter has in other words not dampened the poaching that many thought it would.

During the first half of 2010, 37 cases of illegal hunting of predators reported to police, according to figures from the National Crime Prevention Council.

Moose hunting is entered and the hunters have gone into the wolves' territories. It has cost some lives of hunting dogs and hunters have applied for a license to shoot more wolves.

There are indications that there are puppies in these territories, but the county boards still choose to give permission for hunting of wolwes .

This reasoning shows that the county administrative officials and manager do not know a thing about how a wolf family are functioning.The puppies that are going through a challenging period for the parents in terms of both education and nutrition will be developed in a negative way. Less food may mean that some may find it difficult to develop physically in a good way and some may become unruly wolves when they are eventually presented in our will to leave their home area because they had not received good guidance from both parents.

10 puppy areas disappeared with wolf hunt 2nd January, the winter hunting license must be stopped.

What we warned before the licensed hunting of wolves in January seems to have unfortunately come true. Birth of pups has only been found in only 13 Swedish territories this year. In Norway, only one territory had puppies. Last year and the year before Sweden had 23 puppies territories each year.

We want to emphasize that the figures are preliminary, but so far through the year, most puppy home ranges to be mapped. The pups that were born sometime in April month end of May is now quite variable and expose themselves in all times.

If the numbers match, we find it hard to believe that it will now show up as many as seven previously unknown litters, it means that it becomes impossible for the government to allow hunting in the winter. At least 20 regenerations will be killed, as license hunting shall be permitted under a parliamentary decision

So far this year 57 known wolves have died from various reasons in Sweden and Norway, 28 of them were killed in the wolf massacre that took place during a single day in the five counties. Several parental animals were shot during the indiscriminate hunting.

Source: Vargens Tid (Wolf Time)

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This petition had 7,054 supporters

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