Protest against SC ST Act is security against automatic arrest.

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In the month of march two judge bench comprising of Mr. Justice UU Lalit and Mr. Justice A K Goel upheld the rights of Generals/ OBC to seek anticipatory bail in SC ST Act and also gave sleuths of directions to Police authorities that without investigation none shall be arrested including General Public to stop the misuse of the Act in the landmark judgement of Dr.  Subash Kashinath Mahajan V/s State of Maharashtra by Supreme Court of India. 

It is undeniably true that the Act is draconion which gives unfettered powers to the community of SC and ST to lodge complaint against mere saying a word which according to the Act is 'caste related' and derogatory to the community. Which are the words that shall be coined as derogatory or caste related is not defined. The Act gives an upper hand to the downtrodden community to coin any word as caste related and upon mere saying a word or not saying a word a person who is not from SC and ST which includes OBC also are liable to be arrested immediately without ascertaining the veracity of the complaint. This is also known as automatic arrest which is a grave threat to our fundamental rights and democracy.



There is a series of rise of false complaints and prosecution in the controversial SC ST Act. Without committing any crime, many innocents are put behind bars and are ostracised in the hand of the SC and ST community. A criminal prosecution brings a lot of stigma on your reputation. You can also lose your right to earn as your employment would be barred. Many are thrown out of their employment and are suffering financially because of automatic arrest. Once you lose your job how would you pay an hefty amount of Rs. 2 lakh as fine under the Act? Many which are in support of the Act are saying against frivolous complaints you have right of malicious prosecution and remedy of giving false evidence in the court under IPC. You all are aware about the laggard situations of pendency of cases in lower courts. A criminal prosecution goes on over for decades. When we do not know that when the pendency would be over then how we can exercise the right of malicious prosecution. The Act does not give any remedy to the community of OBC/Generals against frivolous prosecution so forget your rights. Even if you pursue any prosecution against the SC and ST community for compensation, court takes a lenient approach and of course the community take the all time favourite lame excuse that we are dalits and that is why we are suffering.

Dalits say they are marginalised and sufferer in the hands of the other community. When the judgement came up as a ray of hope for other communities against frivolous automatic arrest, the SC and ST community could not stand this and showed up with a 'Power Pack Bloodbath demonstration' where government property is damaged and other communities are brutally thrashed on roads and even their infants are not spared. Why did this happen? Because Supreme Court snatched their supreme right of frivolously presecuting other communities which they have been enjoying since over decades. 

Do Generals/ OBC are not part of our society? Do not we vote in the democracy? Congress have been supporting their rights like a freak because dalits are their vote bank and the draconion Act have been brought up by Late PM Rajiv Gandhi to polarise voters in the late 80s. Generals/OBC do vote for Congress or BJP but our rights does not matter their rights matter. Generals/OBC farmers are the traditional voters of BJP but when it comes to dalits our rights does not matter. LJP memeber and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan audaciously demanded to remove Mr. Justice A K Goel from Chairman of NGT because he was the member of the bench of Supreme Court which upheld the right to life and personal liberty against automatic arrest of thousands of innocents under SC and ST Act. These are the people who we elect and that is why we are suffering. They do not understand or have the capability to understand the judgements by the Supreme Court and the welfare idea behind the judgement. What they understand is to have arbitrary powers to oppress others and when the rights are taken away, they take on roads like a mad bull in a killing spree.

BJP always attacked Congress on its policies and Work Culture but when it comes to dalits even BJP is scared of congress and so to dilute our rights of freedom gave nod to SC ST bill which is to be tabled in Monsoon Session of Parliament and would also pass with a full majority. Why it is happening? There is a rumour happening in social media that August, 9 would be Bharat Band called by dalits and our state is so frightened and unprepared to thwart such incidence by anti-social elements that is why they are bringing this in parliament. General elections are just few months away and Mr. Modi cannot take risk with his seat. 

Now the government is taking soft stance with the anti-social elements because they are dalits. If communities other than SC and ST peacefully protest they are called terrorists and when anti-social elements injure the life and limb of others they are called dalits and ostracised. 

The communities of SC and ST act have a strong unity and that is why government is always to ready to bow down to their illegal demands. Generals and OBCs have no unity of their own and that is why we are suffering. We play no importance in the eyes of government and the reason is us. We are silent and watching our loved ones behind bars and still doing nothing. I am also ostracised in the hands of SC and ST. False complaints are lodged against my family by these community because we are tenants and by lodging frivolous complaints this is the only way of snatching roof over our heads. We over pay our rent, electricity bill, water bill and many other bills. We are suffering economically but we are suffering because we are generals and we are bound to suffer it. There are many like me who are suffering in the hands of SC and ST. We shall be ashamed that we are letting our reputation down. We shall be ashamed that even after suffering through the evil of reservation we are still silent. We shall be ashamed that our loved ones are behind the bars for no fault of their own and we are still silent. They can get on roads and create havoc and bloodboth and we cannot unite for even a silent protest. Wake up for your rights! If you remain silent now there would be countless violation of fundamental rights of General and OBCs. Government would never listen to us even if we vote for them because we do not have unity. Let us unite my countrymen. It has to be now or it would be for never.



Jai Hind!