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Change Policy/ adding proper customer service number for both buyers and sellers!

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Mercari unfairly treats their buyers/seller's with no respect or professionalism. Will suspend and or terminate any account that they deem "suspicious" even if you have done nothing wrong and if you ask them for information they tell you as per their guidelines they can not release any information but still terminate your account. I invested months of my life into this website, I invest my money, I had over 300 listings all of which followed their guidelines. I was about to hit my 41st review all five star when I received a msg that my account was being deactived because of suspicion of payment.I reached out the day prior for help to fix my account because it was giving me an error code when using my personal debit card for a purchase. They attempted to help but could not so instead they blocked and deleted my account. Asking for help gets you kicked off their website. What kind of professionalism is that? Having over 300 listings building, a steady clientele just for them to take your money (10% off of all sales) and kick  you out with no reason other than a generic message from the same person on all platforms Facebook, Twitter and via the website. Many users have done nothing but bring  them business but do not get treated as a part of the website but as criminals being accused of unlawful practices that they are not trying to commit. I have all the screenshots to provide everyone proof that Mercari does not have a proper way to respond to their seller's or buyers. They can not provide you any information as to why they will delete your account other than accusations of suspicious activities with no proof.I have a 100% proof including my card provider reaching out to them and explaining the situation but still nothing. After extensive research through their guidelines and requesting it, there is nothing that specifies anything under their buyers guideline about using a debit or credit card or having issues with their payments with their own cards as suspicious activity this must change! Their guideless/ provide inadequate customer service for their Sellers and their buyers a like. Mercari should reinstate all the accounts that they have terminated for this same guideline because there is no merit behind it they cannot provide you a reason because they do not have one.

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