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Cease Dog Related Incidents and Attacks on Dogs and People in NSW.

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Re-evaluate old policies and introduce new mandatory policies/laws/strategies/rules, into the Animal Companions Act, to help solve the issues surrounding roaming, stray and abandoned dogs, and resulting dog attacks

A companion animal dog can be a blessing. We care for them and give them the best possible life we can.

However, rising levels of stray and roaming dogs in the regions of N.S.W have resulted in rising counts of roaming and stray dog attack incidents. following the petition of 'Protect Shoalhaven Dogs' in addressing this issue towards the local council (See below). Protect Shoalhaven Dogs has started this new petition to not only appeal to the various council(s) of N.S.W, but to the N.S.W Government itself, in an attempt to widen state recognition of the dire nature of the issue. Protect Shoalhaven Dogs appeals to the N.S.W Government to re-evaluate old policies and introduce new mandatory policies/laws/strategies/rules, into the Animal Companion Act, to help solve the issues surrounding roaming, stray and abandoned dogs, and resulting dog attacks.

Dog attacks of any kind can result in tragedy for all people and animals involved. See below for links to dog attack stories. By changing laws and making it impossible for companion animal dogs to become strays and prevent roaming you can ultimately prevent stray and roaming dog attacks from taking place. A stronger hand in responsible pet ownership is needed. A dog found not in the presence of an owners and without the standard law approved collar and tag identification, as well as evidential micro chipping and their local council registry should be considered as a ‘stray’. People should be able to freely walk their dogs out in public without the constant threat of being approached or attacked by a stray and/or roaming dog. Walking a dog can create a good bond between owner and pet. Owners should not have to 'arm' themselves with sticks or chili spray to ward off stray dogs. Protect Shoalhaven Dogs also recognises the lack of post incident support for dog attack victims. Most owners are faced with high vet bill amounts and the combined mental and physical trauma associated with being in a dog attack. 

But it is not just the dog attack victims that have to face unfair consequences. Dogs with no owner guidance are not responsible for their actions. They do not fully understand what they do, but only do what is in their nature. Stronger pet ownership is needed so these dogs are not put in a position to offend. Dogs put in these positions are often caught and euthanised unfairly when it could have been prevented. All these incidents result in is a blatant waste of life. All companion animal dogs should be safe in their homes and/or safe under the supervision of their owner at all times. 

Protect Shoalhaven Dogs would encourage prevention by introducing new mandatory policies/laws/strategies/rules, into the Animal Companion Act. Protect Shoalhaven Dogs issues to be addressed include the following:

~ Introduce new post incident support for dog attacks victims both person and animal alike. This can include support both financially and psychologically.

~Re-evaluate and introduce new laws surrounding dog breeding. This can include the rising levels of backyard dog breeding, and puppy farming as well as rules surrounding registration, de sexing and compulsory microchipping of dogs when in ownership.

~Introduce new prevention policies/laws surrounding stray/roaming dogs. This can include ensuring a companion animal dog is completely secured in residence. This includes both in the residence house, in the backyard, and in the front yard. An open front yard where the dog can freely walk out if it chooses is not completely secure.

~Introduce awareness of responsible pet ownership, and make it clear to all companion animal owners the dire nature of the consequences, a lack of vigilance in ownership can be. This can include advertisements in media television to show things from a dog victims point of view. 

As such Protect Shoalhaven Dogs appeals to all people to take a stand and stop this injustice to our animal companions. Please sign this petition and help us in our cause. We also encourage you to write a comment, like our Facebook Page, tell us your story and email us at

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