Protect youth from being forced into ex-gay therapy: SB1172

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Protect youth from being forced into ex-gay therapy: SB1172

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This proposed California legislation is the first of its type in the US. Please support it, help stop the abuse of minors, and help make history!

Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE), commonly known as reparative therapy, conversion therapy, or ex-gay therapy, are practices that have been ineffective and harmful. SB1172 is a bill proposed by the California State Legislature to ban the use of SOCE with minors.

Some mental health providers are claiming that they can change sexual orientation or reduce sexual attractions for people of one’s own sex. Experts from the American Psychological Association report these methods are unlikely to change one’s orientation and can be harmful, leading to increased depression, isolation and suicidal feelings.

Many youth and adults have told their story of how these methods have been damaging, requiring more therapy to heal the wounds of being forced into believing same-sex attractions are bad. In spite of this evidence, some psychotherapists in California are still using these harmful methods and parents are fooled into believing this is legitimate psychotherapy. And our youth are suffering as a result.

Even Alan Chambers, the Head of Exodus, one of the leading organizations that promoted “reparative therapy,” recently came to the conclusion that this type of approach doesn’t work. These ex-gay approaches have been denounced by every major medical association in the country.

The bill has already passed the Senate in its original form. It has since been amended and will go to the Assembly sometime in August.

Your signatures will be delivered to the California Legislature urging it to pass SB 1172 and to Governor Jerry Brown to sign the bill once it reaches his desk. (You don't have to be a California voter to participate. Everyone can encourage California's leaders to do the right thing and make history.)

Let’s protect all minors from this type of harm. And let’s set an example for the rest of the country.  Thank you!

GAYLESTA: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Psychotherapist Association of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.


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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 11,063 supporters!

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