Protect Women & Children After Domestic Abuse: Demand 1 Year Housing Vouchers

Protect Women & Children After Domestic Abuse: Demand 1 Year Housing Vouchers

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Started by Daniel Oliverio


Surveys around the world have shown domestic abuse spiking since January of 2020 jumping markedly year over year compared to the same period in 2019.  This is a petition to the President of the United States of America, Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris along with congress to create an emergency stimulus package for domestically abused women and children in America.  

I am asking these American leaders to create new protocols working directly with law enforcement, DCFS & HUD to secure HUD VOUCHERS regardless of criminal past history denying felons housing.  In most cases the women who are in the most volatile, toxic and dysfunctional housing situations are women with previous criminal records that are forced with their children to live under the same roof as a serial domestic abuser.  Everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to change their past mistakes and become positive members in the community. 

I have watched the Illinois DCFS fail over and over again forcing mothers to stay in unsafe environments and doing welfare check after welfare check along w law enforcement intervention and not making any significant strides to combat these moral crimes against our American women.  Not only our women being beaten brutally but the children suffer the same fate and in the most extreme cases it leads to murder & loss of life which is the ultimate tragedy.  

Mothers staying in an abusive households being physically, emotionally and psychologically abused in front of their children create long term negative effects and trauma that leads to behavioral problems later on in life for these children.  The first five years of nurturing are the most crucial in the development of emotional intelligence for children and when forced into an environment of watching their mothers being beaten it leaves the same psychological scarring as a war veteran with PTSD.  In the future studies have shown this leads to low self esteem, self worth, self love, self respect, substance abuse, feelings of inferiority, depression, psychopathy, sociopathy, suicidal tendencies and many more negative traits.  

What I suggest we do to combat this growing problem is focus on the solution as soon as it becomes a problem.  At the first minor misdemeanor battery offense when law enforcement is called for a domestic abuse disturbance after being hit by their spouses/boyfriend is when action needs to happen.  If a father/boyfriend is convicted of domestic battery after one occurrence the woman will be granted a 30 day MANDATORY order of protection and separation.  If this order of protection is broken this will lead to a felony offense and the abuser will be prosecuted based on the state within the crime was committed jurisdiction and penalties.  Law enforcement will alert DCFS to do a welfare check in which they will meet w a DCFS social worker that will forward them on to a HUD representative with the option to leave their household.  

The HUD stimulus package will allow women to make a decision to move into a safe environment w full privacy of their relocation.  They will be given a list of all available 1BR/2BR rental units within an $850-$1,000 a month budget they can choose from for their HUD voucher.  This will give them ample time to move out all their belongings and start a fresh new life and second chance away from the combatant.  

The amount of women I know personally affected by this growing social problem in the State of Illinois alone is disturbing and it is happening in every country all over the world.  Covid has been an absolute nightmare for women stuck in the house with their abusers because of lockdowns which enabled them to prey on their wives/girlfriends.  The real victims of these crimes are the children that have to witness their own mothers being beaten in front of their very eyes and have to process these traumatic events at a young age before the brain has reached full maturity.  

The youth of the nation are our National Treasure and must be protected at all costs along with our mothers for the sake of our future as a country.  If we can not protect the most vulnerable in our communities than we have failed as a people no matter how powerful economically we have become it is all in vain.  I hope we can make a change and bring Justice to this female human rights situation that is a plague on American culture.  Children need to play and develop early childhood social skills.  They need to be nurtured, hugged and loved by their guardians & feel safe.  




30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!