Protect Families and Honest Police: Demand Fair Investigations of Police

Protect Families and Honest Police: Demand Fair Investigations of Police

October 3, 2013
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Started by Amelia Royko Maurer for The Michael Bell Team

I will never forget the day I lost my son at the hands of 4 police officers who betrayed the honor and trust of the badge they wore. Our family’s tragedy was only made worse when the officers were cleared of all wrongdoing, after being investigated by their peers instead of an independent panel. The sworn testimony of each officer directly opposed irrefutable forensic evidence provided by the medical examiner. Still, no fault. As we struggled to understand this miscarriage of justice we discovered we were not alone, many families were denied an independent investigation when their loved ones were taken. We decided that together we could make their deaths mean something.d

Families who have lost loved ones at the hands of officers are coming together across the nation to demand unbiased investigations.  Nationwide, officer involved deaths are routinely investigated by their coworkers resulting in an impossible record of perfection. In Wisconsin alone, an "unjustified" ruling by an officer's department or commission cannot be found in 125 years.

The people of Wisconsin have before them a Bill to bring independent review to all officer-involved fatalities in addition to drug testing of all officers involved. An independent review would offer oversight by those are not curently subject to the pressures of a job in law enforcement.

Please help Wisconsin set a much-needed precedent for all states across the nation with AB 409, the Citizens and Law Enforcement Safety Act.

Police depend on community trust in order to succeed at their jobs. Yet an antiquated system allows bad cops to avoid accountability and tarnish the image of all law officers.  AB 409 is designed to build and strengthen community trust via transparent review by experienced and independent professionals. If we come together and make AB 409 law, the public will have rock-solid confidence that their police force is being held to uniform and consistent standards and law enforcement will be protected from speculation and suspicion.

The entire bill can be seen on the state website:

Please sign this petition to ensure independent and fair investigations for all officer-involved fatalities!

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 76,113 supporters!

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