Petition Closed

Did you know that our library staff are all being made redundant?

Instead they will be fighting for a limited amount of jobs to become 'customer service representatives' dealing in all manner of other council business.

Staff allocation for the library is being cut by 50%. Apparently this is going to have no impact on the library and will make it more 'efficient' but there are many locals who are worried that we will lose all those precious services our wonderful library staff provide like the preschool program, school holiday programs, Shelf Life magazine, and just being totally awesome at being able to give good advice on what book to read.

If you are concerned that all these changes are happening without public consultation, then please make your voice heard and sign this petition.

Letter to
Queenstown Lakes District Council
The Wanaka Library is an amazing resource for this town and a true gem for the Wanaka community. The current service there is outstanding and we want you to keep the community nature of the library as is.

We do not support the disestablishment of the current library positions and are appalled that a smaller amount of new ''customer service adviser'' roles are created in their place. We believe that this will impact the current standards of the library and the 'efficiency' that is touted is not congruent with the level and range of library service the community needs.

We want public consultation on any major changes to do with this community resource and wish you to respect that right.