Protect Vancouver's grass fields from becoming artificial turf

Protect Vancouver's grass fields from becoming artificial turf

February 3, 2022
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Stuart Mackinnon (Park Board Commissioner, Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation) and
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Why this petition matters

We seek to protect our parks and schools from the environmental, community, and health costs of replacing natural grass with synthetic turf.

Why say no to synthetic turf?

Environmental Impact

  • Synthetic turf releases CO2 during manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance and end of life disposal.
  • Water is used to cool and clean the synthetic turf fields.
  • Without a recycling plan, synthetic turf will eventually end up in a landfill. Watch this documentary The Artificial Turf Mountain >
  • The risk of flooding increases because the synthetic turf plastic carpet adds to stormwater runoff
  • Rubber pellets and microplastics from synthetic turf goes into storm drains which pollutes our rivers and oceans
    Read more from Science Direct >

Community Impact

  • Pets won't be able to play in the park
  • Parks will become pay-to-play fields
  • Prioritizing city profits over community usage
  • Scarce residential parking becomes overburdened by increased field rentals without corresponding parking solutions

    Environmental Impact

Health Risks

  • Synthetic turf on hot days can reach temperatures in excess of 65°C, making it unusable for anyone, without a cooling process.
  • Increased risk of turf burn injuries
    Read more from Healthline >
  • Playing on hot days can increase the likelihood of dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion due to synthetic turf heat retention
  • Bodily fluids, bird and animal droppings do not decompose, requiring regular sanitization
  • Field hardness must be regularly managed to prevent concussions for players.

What We Stand For

  • Equitable access to parks for everyone and pets
  • Supporting our environment to reduce CO2 emissions.

Let's keep our sport fields healthy, accessible, living and plastic free!


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Signatures: 252Next Goal: 500
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