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Protect Us from Toxic Chemicals


From the water bottle you drink out of to the sunscreen you spray on before you go to the beach, there are toxic chemicals are a part of our everyday lives. Most of these chemicals are unregulated -- they are not adequately tested and only handful of toxic compounds are banned. This is completely outrageous, and has resulted in early puberty, childhood cancer, infertility, as well as learning and developmental disabilities rising at alarming rates.

Almost all newborn babies are born with toxic chemicals in their bodies, before they are even exposed to the environment. Exposing our future generations to these toxic chemicals is inhibiting them from even getting a chance at the opportunities and fortunate lives we have been able to live. Congress needs to act now, and implement tighter regulations on the chemical companies that expose us to these toxic chemicals. Take action now: tell your Senator and House Representative to protect our families from toxic chemicals today.

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