Improve lockdown rules in the Western Isles.

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Increase control on use of our islands ferries, by giving CalMac more powers to refuse travel.
Stop, check and ask all passengers and deny travel to ANY who cannot prove necessity of journey.

Our island is vulnerable and needs to be secure. We need to remain Covid-Free and CalMac need to be fully supported in maintaining this.

Restrict acceptable ID to driving licence with island address for car drivers and utility bill dated in past six months for all foot passengers. Proof of GP practice should also be accepted.
We cannot lift restrictions, we need to tighten them.
CalMac should be able to deny anyone they have any doubts over.

Police officers or allocated members of the community should be acting as stewards in support of reducing individuals unnecessarily  breaking government guidelines which a large amount of smaller communities have raised numerous concerns too.

Covid is now confirmed in Skye. Uig ferry connects to Uist and Harris. Our communities truly feel sympathetic for those just over the water from us but we fear for our own.
Now, more than ever, we need to batten down the hatches and keep our islands safe.
The risks of this horrible virus entering out Covid-Free communities is just far to huge to ignore.
Act now, stay home, protect our NHS and save island lives!