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Protect the Clean Air Act!!


The Clean Air Act is under attack by big polluters. Last December, President Obama moved forward with a process to enforce long-ignored provisions of the Clean Air Act, a critical tool that we need to cut global warming pollution and rebuild our economy with clean energy. But big polluters like the coal and oil industries are trying to avoid responsibility for cleaning up their act.

On January 20th, the Senate will vote on the "Murkowski amendment," proposed by Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski on behalf of polluters. The amendment was proposed as what's called a "rider" to a completely non-climate-related bill. It is a concerted effort by polluting industries and their allies in Congress to gut the Clean Air Act and delay action to reduce the pollution causing global warming.

We can't let polluting industries lock us in to several more years of dirty fossil fuels. We need to be moving forward with strong policies to stop global warming and kickstart an energy revolution. Write to your Senator now and urge them to vote against Murkowski's big polluter amendment.

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