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Protect Students from Cyber-bullying in Tennessee

The Cyber-bullying Bill (SB488/HB301) introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly gives schools explicit instructions on what is considered cyber-bullying, and language to include in establishing school policies involving this offense.  As access to technology has increased, so have the avenues for potential bullying and intimidation.  The policies will be filed with the Commissioner of Education after development.

TEP supports legislation which mandates schools develop policies as outlined in this bill regarding cyber-bullying. While this bill does not include specific groups targeted for bullying in schools, the cyberbullying bill will go far to make schools safer for all students. 

If you live in Tennessee, send a message to your State Senator in support of the Cyber-bullying Bill. Then forward this petition to your friends and family in Tennessee by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Letter to
Tennessee State Senate
I am writing in support of the Cyber-bullying Bill currently filed in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Current law does not take into account the phenomenon of cyber-bullying intimidation in schools. This legislation includes all cyber ways a student or students may bully another. These forms of bullying include intimidation by: telephone, cell phone, PDA, email, instant messaging, texting, and via websites.

The bill is also clear that bullying reaches beyond the classroom or school yard to school activities, buses, through the use of school equipment and to the destruction of a student’s property.

Please vote yes when given the opportunity to vote for SB0488.


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