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Shelby was sent to her perpetrator on September 6th, 2012, to be further sexually abused.  Please check under "Updates" for the details.  This is an inhumane act of injustice to my child.  We need to take this petition to a higher level with more signatures.  Shelby needs to be rescued by Child Protect, RAINN,  and other Organizations who can team up and protect our children from such horrific abuse and the Family Courts. 

There is a history of sexual abuse by the father reported by the professionals. 

This child needs to be protected from further sexual abuse by thoroughly investigating this matter by law enforcement.  This matter has not been thoroughly investigated by any law enforcement, DHR, or any other agency I have sought for help in this matter. 

This petition was delivered to:
  • District Attorney 12th Judicial Circuit
    Coffee County District Attorney Tom Anderson
  • Alabama Attorney General
    Attorney General Luther Strange
  • District Attorney and Staff 33rd Judicial Circuit
    Dale County District Attorney's Office and Staff
  • Governor of Alabama
    Governor Bentley
  • Alabama State House
  • Alabama Governor

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