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Protect Sanctuary Cities and Stop Texas SB 4

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Our names are Jassary and Chris, and we are high school seniors in Texas. While most people our age are worried about doing well in school or going to prom, we spend most days worried that our parents and loved ones will be deported. And while that fear has always been there, it’s about to get a lot worse.

In response to Trump’s executive order on immigration, the state of Texas is considering a bill that would punish cities which choose to provide sanctuary to undocumented people – people like our parents. It would require law enforcement to tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they encounter someone who is undocumented, and hold them until ICE can apprehend them.

This bill would put all Texas in danger, not just our families. Please sign our petition asking the Texas House of Representatives not to pass Senate Bill 4.

We’re not talking about murderers, or drug lords, or sexual offenders. We’re talking about a future college kid with a broken tail light. A newly-licensed teenager running a stop sign, trying to make it to school on time. Hardworking, peaceful people who contribute to our communities would become afraid to call the police for help and risk being separated from their families – putting all Texans at risk.

This will happen unless you act now. The Texas Senate has already voted to pass SB 4; now we have to pressure the House not to make this bill a reality.

Will you take action to protect our families before it’s too late? Add your name and demand that the Texas State House stop SB 4.

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