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Protect Pell Grants from the GOP's chopping block


Republicans are proposing deep cuts to higher education including the largest cuts to Pell Grants in history through the House Republican budget. 

At the same time Republicans are putting forward a plan to make college more expensive for middle class families, they support new tax breaks for millionaires and big corporations.

President Obama recently unveiled his plan to reduce student loan burdens by lowering monthly payments for some students and allow graduates to consolidate loans for a lower interest rate.

In the current economic climate it's important to make college more affordable and attainable for middle-class families and students. We need to stand up to a Republican-lead Congress that has refused to act on any of the Presdient's proposals to create jobs or improve education. 

Tell Republican leaders you oppose cuts to programs that will put higher education out of reach for many students and middle-class families. Stop plans to make the largest cuts to Pell Grants in history.

Letter to
Representative Eric Cantor
Representative John Boehner
I support his plan to make college more affordable for middle class families. I oppose plans in the Republican Congressional budget for even deeper cuts to Pell Grants.