Protect Our Trails

Protect Our Trails

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Why this petition matters

What is this petition about?

The City of St. John’s has proposed to excavate and pave 11.8 km of the Grand Concourse Trail as part of their bike plan. The proposed sections are:

Kelly’s Brook Trail (Kings Bridge Road to Columbus Drive)
Rennie’s River (Portugal Cove Road to Prince Philip Drive)
Virginia River Trail (Quidi Vidi to Penny Crescent)

The trail includes a 3 meter wide asphalt surface (approx. 10 feet) to allow for multi-use purposes that include the use of bicycles, skateboards, wheelchairs, and scooters. Also included are sections of a 1 meter concrete retaining wall alongside the river. The estimated cost is 5.2 million dollars. While we support inclusive active transportation, our concerns include:

  1. This construction is damaging to the surrounding environment (e.g. tree removal, wildlife habitat).
  2. The safety concerns for future wheeled and non-wheeled users.
  3. The public cost is unnecessarily high and long-term maintenance costs have not yet been determined.  

This is an opportunity to oppose this plan. An engineering firm has been hired to design the Kelly’s Brook Trail while Rennie’s River and Virginia River are in earlier phases of planning.

What can you do?!

  1. Please email this petition to your friends and family who may not use Facebook, twitter, or other digital sources of media. We are also collecting signatures in person and we can be contacted at
  2. Share your opposition to the current plan by contacting your ward councillor. Who is your ward councillor?
  3. Join Engage St. John's to voice your thoughts about city projects like the Kelly's Brook phase of the bike plan. Please tell them you're a St. John's Trail User and you're concerned about this plan. After creating an account sign up for the Kelly's Brook plan updates here.

These actions will encourage discussions and alternative strategies to ensure an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and safe plan for cyclists and users of the grand concourse trail. Thank you!

6,601 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!