Protect Our Kids from Inappropriate Sexuality Health Education Curriculum

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Inappropriate Curriculum
We understand Fremont Unified School District’s (FUSD) position to implement Puberty and Sexuality Health per CA Healthy Youth Act, but its adoption of the 3R’s Curriculum is highly inappropriate for the following reasons:

  1. The California Health Curriculum Framework sets forth 6 health content areas for comprehensive health curriculum; but 3R’s Curriculum focuses only on 1 content area - Sexuality Education.
  2. Teaching such imbalanced health curriculum with excessive sexual language is SEXUALIZING our children, and will subject them to undue influence and unnecessary harm.
  3. Our children need to learn TOTAL Health which should also include the other 5 content areas (i.e. Nutrition & Physical Activity; Injury Prevention and Safety; Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs; Mental, Emotional, and Social Health; Personal & Community Health).
  4. Prior to the adoption of 3R’s Curriculum, no notices were given to the FUSD parents for their input and discussion.
  5. California Education Code Section 51934 only requires each public school district to offer comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education once in junior high /middle school and once in high school; but Fremont Unified School District offers sexuality health every year from 4th - 9th grades. This excessive sexuality health instruction is taking valuable time away from other important programs.

Opt-Out is not a Viable Option:

Even though parents are offered the option to opt-out, it is not a viable option, because the opt-out students will be subject to possible ridicules. Further, there is no clear provision of alternative curriculum in place.

Our Petition: Suspend 3R’s Curriculum!

  1. Wait until the California Comprehensive Health Framework is complete in 2019, and Curriculum is in place by around 2020-2021; or
  2. Review alternative curriculum which is aligned with all 6 health curriculum content areas, and include parents in the process.

Do you want your child to be exposed to excessive sexuality information? If you are part of FUSD, please join us by signing this petition. Thank you for your support!