Protect our kids and take alcohol out of the game

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Protect our kids and take alcohol out of the game

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Kristen Ella started this petition to Todd Greenberg (CEO, National Rugby League)

Our footy idols are now walking billboards for the alcohol industry.

My dad is National Rugby League (NRL) State of Origin great, Steve Ella. We still love the game – but can't bear to watch it sell dangerous messages to fans and kids anymore.

Dad is worried. The NRL is saturating the game with more alcohol ads, when alcohol causes so much harm in our communities.

Logos on jerseys, ads in TV breaks, beer cans and banners on the field during games. But when NSW Blues branded beers were given away for free last month, dad decided he’d had enough.

Shamefully, the NRL's alcohol ads are doing real damage to our kids and fans.

Since playing for the NRL, Dad has worked in the drug and alcohol sector for 19 years. He see’s first-hand the devastating impact of alcohol on families and kids.

Dad wrote to the NRL CEO Todd Greenberg over a month ago with his concerns, but still hasn't heard anything.

Now I need your help.

I’m calling on Todd Greenberg, and the NRL, to phase out alcohol sponsorship of the game.

Please join me and sign the petition today and demand a better future for our kids.

Thank you,

Kristen Ella


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This petition had 3,175 supporters

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