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My son was born 17 weeks premature and survived for 4 months and 1 week in perfect health before being transferred to a childrens hospital where because of the lackadaisical care given by this hospital that did not require its staff to wear masks, gloves and aprons my child contracted Pneumonia, Influenza and 2 viruses that ultimately led to his death at the age of 6 months. If these so called professionals had taken the time to do the simplest task and protect my son from their germs he would still be alive today. This law that I am trying to get passed in my state hopefully will spread to other states making it mandatory for every hospital staff member to wear gloves and masks before entering any patients room!

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My name is Chris Maxim, my son Reilly was born 17 weeks premature where he thrived for the 4 months and 1 week he was at St. Francis hospital. He was transferred to another hospital in Hartford on the 4th of March and after only 12 days of being there became ill. I saw hospital staff not washing their hands, not wearing gloves and heard people coughing on the same floor my son was on and were not wearing masks to stem the possibility of infection. I complained repeatedly to nurses, PA's and doctors who would not listen that my son was getting sick and after 5 weeks in this hospital my son became critically ill and was transferred to Yale-New Haven. After 3 weeks at Yale with no possibility of recovering, Reilly's mother and I made the unthinkable choice that no parent should ever experience, to let our child pass into the arms of God. If these so called professionals had done their job, my son would be home with us today. My goal, to get a state mandated law passed requiring ALL hospital staff to wear masks, gloves and aprons to protect any child from germs being transmitted to them that could be potentially life threatening. My son died because someone couldn't take the time to either do their job or protect my son from their exposure. He contracted Pneumonia, Influenza and 2 viruses from this hospital. Please, take 2 seconds to sign this petition, the effects could last a lifetime. I do not want my son to have died for nothing...

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