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What are you waiting for? 
This call to action is not just for New Yorkers but for everyone.
Our country's waterways are in peril and there isn't much time left. 

Hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" is drilling for gas.

In order to accomplish that, hundreds and hundreds of secret, carcinogen and toxic chemicals need to be used along with millions of gallons of water.

The byproduct is this toxic and deadly cocktail of contaminated water called "Produced Water" that gets dumped into ponds or injected back into the ground. Then, they use sprayers to help evaporate this water and make it vanish into thin air.
An other byproduct is the constant release of VOCs in the air that produce ozone. 

Within days, all of it comes back into our fresh water supply killing aquatic life and anything that comes into contact. It finds its way into the kitchen sink, crops and into your PLATE.

Stand up now.

For more info on this, visit:  (see map)

Thank you.

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Protect New York From Gas Drilling! This call to action is for everyone, our waterways are in peril:

Letter to
New York State House
New York State Senate
New York Governor
We the undersigned, call upon you, an elected official of the State of New York, to impose a moratorium on drilling in shale formations.
We ask you to protect public health, the clean water, land and air of our state.
Families across the country, from Colorado to Pennsylvania, have been devastated by hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” for natural gas. That is absolutely not safe and outrageously wrong.

Do not allow this industry to put profit over people!
We urge you to support Bill number A-10490/S-7592.

Thank you.