Protect LGBTI people! Revoke Bongile Joni's bail!

Protect LGBTI people! Revoke Bongile Joni's bail!

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Started by Triangle Project

On New Year’s Day, Noxolo Xakeka was stabbed to death for being a lesbian. Her alleged attacker was granted bail, partly because Noxolo Xakeka fought back when she was attacked! Please help us convince the presiding Magistrate that Joni's bail is a threat to LGBTI people. Triangle Project, Free Gender and others will present your voices in court on April 12th!

We, the community of concerned organisations and citizens are outraged by another crime perpetrated against a lesbian. 

We the people are also keenly aware that violence against the LGBTI community in Strand has been an issue and a concern, with several incidents of hate crimes having been committed.

In order to begin addressing this issue, the South African Police Service need to be sensitive to the handling of crimes of hate against LGBTI persons and, when these cases are reported and go to court, that justice must not only be done but also seen to be done.  This is not the experience of LGBTI people generally.  A previous murder of a lesbian in the same area was not adequately investigated and therefore did not go to court.  

The release of the accused has disturbed residents, by undermining public peace and security, particularly the security of those from the LGBTI community.  The fact that the victim of the crime fought back when being attacked, should not have been one of the grounds considered when releasing him on bail.  As this is not the first murder committed in this area and given that the accused has been granted bail, sends a strong message to vulnerable groups that their lives do not matter and justice is not done or seen to be done.

The perpetrator resides in the same area as those who were present on the night and those who are friends of the deceased.  There is a great likelihood for the accused person in this matter to attempt to intimidate the potential witnesses and others who are providing support to those impacted by this crime. 

6,263 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!