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Protect King From being Euthanized

King is an Innocent 3 year old pitbull. He is being targeted by a single Judge for a crime he did not commit. This judge has the intent to have King put down, based on solely his breed, not by evidence. We currently have a 90 day stay until the next hearing was set, however we did appeal. It was listen in another source that kingers has been given the opportunity to be saved with proper training and containment. Im not sure how else to train him past the 2k he already has had AND the privacy fence we have. A single situation of him having the cops called on him for escaping is far different than actually having attacked another animal. Please fight to save him! Every name can help king, and get the word out for others in the same situation.


King has a Facebook Support page. Follow the Link and "like" to help with as much support as possible!

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  • Hamilton County courts

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