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Protect Illinois' Animals by Opposing Illinois SB1882 and HB2824

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On February 10, two identical bills were introduced to Illinois' Senate and House to amend the state's Animal Welfare Act – SB1882 and HB2824. At first glance, they appear to be beneficial to animals, requiring microchipping of dogs and cats sold by pet stores. However, buried within these bills is a dangerous provision to prohibit local governments from regulating where pet stores acquire their animals.

This action would eliminate the hard-fought and won laws in Chicago, Cook County, Warrenville, and Waukegan that prohibit the sale of commercially bred dogs in these communities’ pet stores. It would also prevent the passage of future companion animal and consumer protection ordinances that groups like Safe Pets for Joliet are fighting for in other Illinois communities.

The proposed bills would also require that pet stores disclose information from inspections "as posted on the Animal Care Information System online search tool maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture." This bill was introduced after the USDA removed said search tool, making it unenforceable.

The group lobbying for these bills is the Illinois Pet Lovers Association, "a collection of Illinois pet store owners, veterinarians, pet suppliers and customers." These proposed bills are not about protecting animals, but profiting from them.

HB2824 has already been assigned to the House Business & Occupational Licenses Committee, and a hearing date has been set for March 8. The time to act is NOW.

Please express your opposition to this legislation, which would provide weak and unenforceable regulations on pet stores while prohibiting local governments from enacting ordinances that effectively prevent pet stores from sourcing animals from puppy/kitten mills. Our local governments should have the authority to make decisions about businesses in the best interest of their residents, and no community in Illinois should continue to be victimized by pet stores and the commercial breeding industry.

This is a statewide issue. No matter where you live in Illinois, RAISE YOUR VOICE!

See the status of SB1882.

See the status of HB2824. 

Learn more about the dangers of these bills on The Puppy Mill Project website.

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