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Stop the destruction of Florida's wildlife and aquifers from Sabal Trail pipeline.

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Right now the construction of the Sabal Trail Transmission and Florida Southeast Connection natural gas pipelines is beginning and will go through some of the most vulnerable parts of the country and will likely lead to a methane leak in the future.  The Sabal Trail Transmission will branch off from the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Transco) that goes from Texas to New York, with the new 456-mile pipeline going through Alabama and Georgia terminating south of Orlando.  This will be the biggest natural gas pipeline to ever come to Florida.  One of the main reasons this pipeline is coming to Florida is for Duke Energy's new power plant they are building in Crystal River, Florida.  This will be a natural gas power plant to replace the nuclear power plant that is being decommissioned due to delamination of the concrete in the containment building.

Instead of Duke pursuing a repair to the containment building, or replacing the plant with another nuclear power plant or a renewable resource plant, they are going to build a natural gas plant that requires importing the fossil fuel to Florida.  Natural gas, though cleaner than oil or coal, still produces carbon dioxide and heat trapping gases.  The drilling and transportation of natural gas through pipelines often result in leaks of methane which is a far more potent global-warming gas.  We deserve better, and we need to demand that companies and elected officials start listening to the wants of the people they serve.

The company that will be installing the pipeline is Spectra Energy which has a history of accidents and violations.  On June 2, 2015, they had a pipeline rupture beneath the Arkansas River, near Little Rock, causing the U.S. Coast Guard to shut down two miles of the river.  Spectra has been fined by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration several times, and were fined $134,500 in 2012.  Does this sound like a good idea to send a pipeline through the fragile environment of Florida?

The Sabal Trail Transmission will run near the Crystal River, regarded to be the most important refuge for manatees in the United States.  Manatees cannot be harmed or injured according to Florida law.  The pipeline will also be going under the Suwannee River which is home to many threatened and endangered animals.  The fragile Florida limestone composing the aquifers that hold fresh drinking water has a history of collapsing and eroding is no place for a pipeline carrying destructive fossil fuel.

The pipeline has already been approved, but we can help stop it if we all get together and say enough is enough.

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