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AVAAZ has begun a petition to the Turkish Government appealing for the immediate releast of Eman. I URGE you to sign the AVAAZ petition as well as this one and circulate both widely.

AVAAZ is a large organization that will hopefully bring a new level awareness necessary to help Eman al-Obaidi and also draw even more attention to the plight of all political prisoners in Libya.


Eman al-Obaidi courageously pleaded for help from journalists in a Tripoli hotel on March 26, 2011 only to be tackled by Gaddafi security forces and taken away. It is believed that she is now in Tripoli under house arrest and still very much afraid for her life. She pleaded with the international community and all human rights groups to help her win her freedom. We are appealing to human rights groups and the Office of the High Commission of Human Rights at the United Nations and the Turkish Government to do whatever possible to secure her relsease and allow her safe passage to her family in Eastern of Libya. We also call on all parties to help facilitate an investigation into the charges of rape and abuse. Please help by signing the petition and sharing it widely.

We recognize that Eman is the visible face of but thousands of innocent civilians that have been forcibly kidnapped and arrested by Gaddafi, and his mercenaries. The National Transitional Council has called for immediate release of all dissappeared persons. We fully support their call and urge that all possible pressure be brought to bear on behalf of all political prisoners in Libya.

Article from The Independent article filed by Donald Macintyre in Tripoli.

follow up story filed March 27, 2011

Statement by (Free) Libyan National Transistional Council (Interim Government) about Eman al-Oabaidi



Letter to
US State Department Gene Cretz , U.S. Ambassador to Libya
Turkish Red Cresent International Relations
Turkish Red Cresent Health and Social Services
and 24 others
Egyptian Red Crescent Egyptian Red Crescent
International Legal Director, HR First Gabor Rona
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Gianni Magazzeni
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Info Desk
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Press
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights National Institutions Unit
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Civil Society
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Donor and External Relations Section
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay
Turkish Red Cresent Media and Public Relations
Turkish Red Cresent Information
US State Department, Under Secretary for Political Affairs William J. Burns
Turkish Red Cresent Legal Consultancy
Turkish Consulate
Office of Global Womens Issues, US State Department Melanne Verveer
Prime Minister Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
US State Department Office of Inspector General Hotline
US State Department Human Rights Franklin Fellows Program
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs US State Department Judith McHale
Amnesty International Amnesty International at RHUL
International Federation of Red Crescent Sectretariat
Dr Tahir Al Shaniti, Secretary General of the Tunisian Red Crescent
Prime Minister Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
We are extremely concerned for the safety and well being of Eman al-Obaidi, the woman who burst into the Rixo hotel In Triopli on March 26, 2011 where many journalists were staying. She shouted that she had been raped by 15 of Gaddafi’s men and began to tell journalists her story. Security agents at the hotel jumped her, threw a bag over her head and forced her into a car after a brawl with reporters who tried to protect her and allow her to tell her story.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed a woman believed to be Eman al-Obaidi. The interview was aired on April 4. Eman is believed to be alive though under house arrest in Tripoli and still very afraid for her life. She says she cannot leave the house where she is staying without being harassed or picked up and re-arrested pro-Gaddafi forces. Her family has still not been able to speak to her and they do not know her whereabouts.

We urge that every action be taken to secure her immediate release and ensure her safe return to her family in the Eastern part of the country. We also ask that you call for a thorough investigation to the charges of rape and abuse.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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