Protect democracy at the University of Louisville before it’s too late.

Protect democracy at the University of Louisville before it’s too late.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kendall Tubbs

This petition was created due to the 'damning' evidence presented in an article published by the Louisville Political Review (LPR), titled "The SGA Supreme Court and Top 4 Stole the SGA Elections." You can find the whole story here, and you can reach their instagram page here

The LPR is the university's nonpartisan independent student publication dedicated to changing the perception of politics through discussion of undercovered issues. 

By signing this petition you help to protect democracy on the University of Louisville's campus and agreeing to the LPR's call to action. Please share with everyone you know. 

The following are quotes from the article published by the Louisville Political Review, regarding the recent SGA election cycle:

  • “This evidence that numerous SGA elections were stolen from the decision of the student body is damning. As of now, Sydney Finley will be installed by the SGA Supreme Court and Top 4 as the next president of SGA; the executive vice presidency will be decided by run-off between Katie Hayden and Valerie Tran because of the Supreme Court’s vote sanction; and the academic vice presidency election was at the very least tampered with by the Court and AVP Alexa Meza. Students should be outraged. Their decision was overturned by an unelected body based on little-known election technicalities.”
  • “The Louisville Political Review Editorial Board: Julia Mattingly, Nino Owens, Emma Fridy, and Alex Reynolds, wholeheartedly condemn the actions of the SGA Supreme Court, SGA President Ugonna Okorie, EVP Sydney Finley, SVP Eli Cooper, and AVP Alexa Meza. We believe that they acted in the very least undemocratically, but possibly unlawfully also. As a publication, we pride ourselves on non-partisanship. In this case, that commitment is transcended by our commitment to democracy and our commitment to facts."
  • “The students of the University of Louisville chose Dorian Brown and Katie Hayden to be their SGA President and Executive Vice President. Therefore, the Louisville Political Review supports that decision. We also believe that the SGA Supreme Court must reverse this wrongful decision, the SGA Top 4 should be investigated for tampering in the election and the proper actions should be taken afterwards, and the SGA Senate must amend the constitution to keep this situation from ever happening again. Student engagement with SGA is already low (only 10% of students cast a ballot in this year’s elections); allowing this situation to go unaddressed could dash that minimal engagement–at the very least, SGA will become more undemocratic than it already is."

The following is a joint statement released by both major student-run, political organizations: “The UofL College Republicans and Young Democrats condemn the actions of the SGA Supreme Court and SGA Executive Branch. They have stood directly in the way of democracy at UofL.”


300 have signed. Let’s get to 500!