Protect Consumer rights from Flipkart unethical practices

Protect Consumer rights from Flipkart unethical practices

4 August 2022
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Started by Shahbaan .
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E-commerce witnessed a boom in 2020 after the pandemic forced people to tweak their buying style. The 'new normal' that people had to rely on brought on the accelerated digitisation. However, a booming e-commerce market also gave rise to some unethical practices. Such as the forceful self will by giants like flipkart.

As, upon realising public is anyhow dependent on them for their day to day goods needs, they have forgotten the priority of customer satisfaction. Instead they consider customer nothing as they already got huge customer userbase.

They block accounts, funds and vouchers even for silly reasons without any intimation to customer. Most of the time they block funds even when customer is not responsible.

Recently, They have blocked purchased vouchers of brands like Croma, Myntra, HP Petro, KFC, Swiggy, Uber and many others without even contacting the buyers (As buyers are sole owner after purchase of voucher and reserve rights on vouchers). 

How company can block customer funds? thats a big question which needs to be answered to the whole community.

"Wilfully blocking by the Flipkart without even any consent/intimation to customer/owner regarding this action it is a major concern and indicates a forceful influence of e-tailer big players and complete violation of consumer rights."

Blocking funds, accounts, vouchers is illegal practice unless it's not directed by govt, cybersecurity and law enforcement or if customer has violated their policies and terms of usage.

Flipkart blocked vouchers of thousands of customers which is totally illegal, unethical practice and against the rights of consumer.

These types of self will by big players in E-commerce space is heavily affecting the users or will largely affect the customer experience in future as there is no security for their funds , no respect for consumer rights. 

Consumer protection rights needs to be largely exercised by whole e- commerce customer community to not come under these tech giants influence and to teach them a good lesson, So they start respecting customer rights and reduce negligence.

Further to emphasise, these blocking practices by Flipkart is not new , its being done by them since long time in past. they continue to do so because public is not well informed about their consumer rights. They must and everyone should raise their voice against every negligence wilful wrongdoings by these big players.

We all needs to come together against these unlawful practices which is against their rights and violates rights under consumer protection Act. We must raise our voice against Flipkart and other big player who are involved in such practices. So, these practices can be curbed and e- commerce giants can be taught a good lesson in this very start of digital revolution.

We dont need anyone support to bring this change but we need ourselves support, we need to come together and exercise our basic consumer rights and raising voice together whenever violation happens that is the biggest power we have and need from ourselves.

As recently the violation happened on large extent , and thousands of customers are suffering to this massive blockage by flipkart despite receiving funds for the same. They dont have any rights to block vouchers which were already sold even for orders which are not fulfilled as they are obliged if they have listed goods for sale. 

They should at least take consent of customers or inform them before taking such steps or compensate for the harassment/inconvenience caused to them but without proper protocols blocking funds, accounts, vouchers are totally illegal and highly unacceptable.

We request Flipkart to stop these practices immediately. and start being careful towards customer satisfaction only then they can be supported in long term by public. 

We seek the compensation and resolution as soon as possible otherwise these kind of practices cant be tolerated for long. Karma will take care of everything later.

This is serious issue and support this petition for your better future towards consuming satisfactory e-commerce services and for raising your voice for your consumer rights.



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Signatures: 393Next Goal: 500
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