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Protect Children From Allergies and Cancer

The American children have earned the title "Generation Rx."

With the increasing rates of allergies, ADHD, diabetes, cancer and obesity in children, the burdens of these diseases are weighing on families, corporations and our economy.  Parents and caregivers need tools that they can use to protect the health of children.

While additives like artificial growth hormones, insecticides and other genetically engineered proteins are not found in children's foods in other countries (and not used by our corporations in products they sell overseas), they were introduced into the food supply in the United States beginning in 1994 without our informed consent.  

Help us to protect American children with the labeling of these ingredients, so that Americans can make an informed choice when it comes to protecting the health of their loved ones. 

To learn more, watch this TEDx talk called "Patriotism on a Plate" by clicking here.

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