Petition to Stop Attacks Against Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Survivors and Neil Brick

Petition to Stop Attacks Against Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Survivors and Neil Brick

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Petition to Stop Attacks Against Child Abuse/Ritual Abuse Survivors and Neil Brick. We are asking everyone to sign this petition and let others know about it. Let's stop the attacks against child abuse survivors and their helpers.

Recently vicious online attacks have been published by The Satanic Temple's Grey Faction and Douglas Mesner/Lucien Greaves. These have attacked the recent Survivorship Conference in Oakland, CA in May 2016 and Neil Brick, encouraging people to sign a petition to take away his license to practice therapy.

Neil Brick has always concentrated on getting out the truth of ritual abuse and child sexual abuse in general. Neil founded SMART in 1995 and started publishing a newsletter that included news and items of interest, announcements of books and articles, and in-depth discussions of issues. For almost two decades Neil he has organized conferences with the goals of "helping stop future occurrences of ritual abuse, helping survivors of ritual abuse, naming groups that have participated in alleged illegal activities, and uniting those working to stop ritual abuse."

For articles by Neil Brick:

The Article Attacking the Survivorship Conference

The article originally had a video of Neil Brick, taken without his permission and posted on the Internet without his permission. This was at a private conference where video and audio recording is not permitted to protect the anonymity of the attendees, who were child abuse rape and trauma victims. It appears the person who recorded the video of Neil Brick used a fake name and misrepresented their reasons for attending the conference and did not tell the truth about their personal information. The Satanic Temple claims they sent observers to a Ritual Abuse survivors’ conference. Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves and the Grey Faction have posted this video or links to it without Neil Brick's permission.

The video falsely insults Neil Brick by using the word paranoid to describe his presentation. Neil presents material backed by research during the video. The video discusses the use of hand signals to trigger certain mind states. In the video, Neil was asking people not to use hand signals during the conference. These signals (like hand signals) function as post-hypnotic suggestions, as anyone who is familiar with hypnosis will know. You might also remember Pavlov’s dog, who salivated at the sound of a bell. This is basic conditioning, stimulus-response. Child traffickers teach such signals to the children they traffic and they condition these children to respond immediately in particular ways and are used in many cults to control members. More complex conditioning can be done on human beings. It is well known that PTSD flashbacks can be triggered by certain stimuli (like sounds, smells or colors) in veterans, trauma and accident survivors. These survivors may totally believe they are back in the trauma situation and react as if they are in that situation. This is similar to the programmed triggers discussed in the conference and their programmed reactions.

The Grey Faction’s guest post makes other factually inaccurate statements.

These are discussed and disproved at:
Reply to the Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction online guest post.

The article attacking the Survivorship Conference repeats Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves' claims about a vendor table at the 2009 Connecticut conference selling hats meant to block out electromagnetic signals. These were sold for health reasons. Doug Mesner has repeated the fact that one display table out of many at the conference had a hat (as well as many other items) used to protect the wearer from electromagnetism. He took this one thing totally out of proportion to attack and insult the Connecticut ritual abuse conferences.
(Doug did not tell conference coordinators he was coming to the 2009 conference to write an article, nor did he state he was a journalist. Since the conference was for child abuse rape survivors, the media was not allowed to attend to protect conference attendees’ anonymity and safety. He canceled his conference check after the conference.)

The article attacking the Survivorship Conference goes on to attack Neil Brick. It discussed how a complaint was filed against Neil Brick’s licensure in Massachusetts. This was filed by an out of state party that did not know Neil Brick professionally or personally. An previous online video discusses how the complaint was filed through one of their Grey Faction members to his licensing board and the board dismissed the complaint without prejudice. Neil Brick was found fit to practice with sound moral character after a full year of review from several sources. We believe these type of complaints may be part of a campaign to silence anti-child abuse advocates and their helpers. The article even makes fun of the name of one of the presenters.

The article attacking the Survivorship Conference stated that Neil Brick had claimed that he’d committed rape and murder while in an altered state of mind. Neil Brick does write about being forced as a small child to kill in a cult. This was against his will and many others have written about being forced to kill as children in cults and gangs. It is incorrect to extrapolate this further as an issue of moral character or adult competency. Children are victims forced to do things. We would not blame a child forced to hit another child by an adult. Nor would we blame or question the child now fully grown who was forced to do this. It is disingenuous to blame or judge an adult for what he was forced to do as a child. Neil Brick now works to help others learn more about these dangerous groups.

After the article was posted, continued bullying, online harassment, name calling and personal attacks occurred in the comment section under the article attacking the Survivorship Conference.

Attacks on Neil Brick including the Grey Faction’s Petition to Revoke the License of Neil Brick

Some of the attacks in this petition against Neil Brick in this petition were similar to those in the article attacking Survivorship and have been addressed above or at:

Reply to the Grey Faction’s Petition to Revoke the License of Neil Brick

The petition states that The Allied Board of Health Professionals licensure division, having previously received a complaint....did nothing. The fact is that no violations were found and no disciplinary actions were taken. We believe that this new petition is part of the continued attacks against Neil Brick and those that help child and ritual abuse survivors.

The petition states there is a potential danger to health care consumers. But no such danger is proven in the letter or anywhere else. This is another false statement made by the Grey Faction without proof or evidence.

The petition states Neil Brick has a dangerous state-of-mind and unsubstantiated, delusional beliefs. This is pure conjecture and unproven. There is no real evidence presented anywhere of this and Neil’s evaluation during the filing of the previous complaint found there were no problems at all with Neil’s mental state. Neil’s beliefs are clearly substantiated with scientific research at The use of the pejorative terms in the petition mentioned above are unproven and are used to mischaracterize Neil Brick and his work.

The petition states that this child abuse research is directly relevant to Neil Brick’s Mental Health Care practice. But this is not true at all. Neil Brick’s research is backed by cited research, articles and journal sources at the website. Neil as a therapist never brings his outside life into his therapy practice, by setting appropriate therapeutic boundaries like any therapist or professional would.

The letter mentions violation of ethical standards and code of ethics, yet there is no evidence that Neil Brick has ever violated any ethical code or standard in his practice. The letter goes on to state that Neil Brick’s public lectures printed articles, etc. in no way represent appropriate counseling literature. But they aren’t meant as counseling literature. The letter states that Neil Brick’s public lectures printed articles and so on are not based on proper, scientific, or a rational assessment of available, empirical data, Of course this is pure conjecture and opinion also. The scientific research at the website proves this to be incorrect.

The petition to revoke Neil Brick's license states "While we are not privy to records that indicate methods of treatment employed in Neil Brick’s practice." We believe this is one of the most important parts of the letter. There is no evidence there are any problems with any methods of treatment Neil uses. An investigation by the board after a similar complaint those connected to the Grey Faction filed did not find any problems either. The letter continues to attack Neil claiming Neil "lacks a solid rational foundation" discussing the evaluation of scientific evidence. This is conjecture again and unproven. Neil repeatedly cites a wide variety of scientific sources at his website backing his conclusions. The letter discusses the Extreme Abuse Survey. This survey was only meant to be a preliminary study and is this is mentioned in their research. However the data found in the study is important due to the large number of responses and definitely not "worthless" as the petition mentions.

The petition mentions personal public statements made. Neil always clearly states the conferences and presentations are not meant as therapy or treatment. Previously there were a few clinician conferences where clinicians discussed important research and theories about severe abuse and trauma.

The petition mentions Neil Brick promotes implausible ideas, yet Neil’s ideas are backed by research and journal articles. If the Grey Faction decides to ignore or disbelieve this research, this does not mean Neil’s research is implausible. As previously stated, Neil does not and would never promote his research in his role as a licensed mental health care professional as this would be a clear violation of professional boundaries.

In our opinion, this is simply part of a continued pattern of on and offline attacks against Neil Brick and others who are trying to get the research out about child and ritual abuse and trauma. Do not believe the name calling and the inflammatory language used by Douglas Mesner/Lucien Greaves and the Grey Faction. Look at the facts, like the ones in this article and the urls at the end of the article. Those using name calling and the inflammatory language may want to sway your opinion without facts. Don't let this happen.

We ask that child abuse survivors and their advocates to continue publishing their research and not be silenced by these on and offline attacks. Continue to speak out about child abuse crimes and work to stop these crimes.

We ask you to sign this petition and let others know about it. Let's stop the attacks and bullying of child abuse survivors.

Here are additional articles with information about the online attacks of child and ritual abuse survivors by Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves and the Grey Faction

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