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Camp Tecumseh YMCA is opposing a rezoning petition to the White County Commissioners to construct a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) of nearly 10,000 hogs just a half mile from Camp property. Such an operation will produce 3.5 million gallons of manure and waste that will be contained on farm property. A CAFO this size just 800 yards from Camp puts at risk the natural environment upon which our 90-year camp tradition depends. Please help us protect future campers from the potential negative impact of odors, air pollution, and possible water contamination by signing the petition below. Camp Tecumseh's 35,000 annual visitors - mostly children - deserve a safe, healthy, and beautiful rural setting to experience nature and the wealth of educational opportunities and outdoor adventures that Camp offers.

Letter to
White County Commissioners John Heimlich, David Diener & Steve Burton
I urge you to vote against the rezoning petition to construct a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) a half mile from Camp Tecumseh. Such an operation just 800 yards from Camp property puts at risk the natural environment upon which Camp Tecumseh's 90-year camp tradition depends.

Camp Tecumseh operates Indiana's largest Outdoor Education Program, serving more than 12,000 students from over 200 schools annually. It is a vital educational resource for the state, especially for the many students for whom Camp Tecumseh is their first experience in the outdoors.

Camp Tecumseh's nationally recognized summer camp welcomed campers from 31 states and 7 countries last year. Camp serves 500-700 visitors every other weekend of the year. Among 2012 campers were 4,100 disadvantaged children, many from surrounding areas, who benefited from a Camp Tecumseh experience through its generous scholarship program.

Camp Tecumseh is an irreplaceable resource for our entire region and the state -- we all have an obligation to preserve and protect it for future generations of children. Please oppose this CAFO petition.

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