Protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine

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Having always been an advocate for the environment, I was horrified when EPA head Scott Pruitt reversed protections for Alaska’s Bristol Bay, one of the world’s largest salmon fisheries, to allow for the construction of a massive mine in the heart of the bay.

The Pebble Mine would be irreversible and catastrophic for Bristol Bay and its salmon. Join me in standing up for this natural treasure by demanding that the EPA protect Bristol Bay.

Bristol Bay is home to the world’s most valuable wild salmon fishery in the world – half of the world’s sockeye salmon catch comes from here alone. The bay generates over 14,000 jobs and and close to half a billion dollars of revenue for the area and the salmon support thousands of Alaskan Native people who have depended on the fish for centuries.

This proposed large scale mine would be the largest and most destructive open pit mine in North America. It would be at least 1/3 mile deep, over 12 square miles wide, and generate a massive 23 billion tons of toxic mining waste that would have to be contained by a series of dams.

We can stop this irreversible catastrophe from happening. Sign this petition and we will send it to the EPA and Alaska Governor Mike Donleavy stating that we are against the Pebble Mine and continue to voice your disapproval of the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay by sharing this petition so our voices can be heard and cannot be ignored.