Save The Arctic Wildlife Refuge! Save The Polar Bears!

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The president on August 17th, finalized the plan to drill oil and gas in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. He is going to lease 400,000 acres in this protected land in Alaska. The drilling is starting in the coastal plain. This is where the endangered polar bears den and wear the endangered Porcupine Caribou herds mate and give birth to their calves. This land has been protected for 80+ years. Let's keep protecting it.! Alaska is one of few natural states left in our country, this is why we need to preserve it. With oil drilling there, environmentalists and scientists say climate change will spike more as climate change is already a major issue! Climate change has rapidly been changing due to human activity and the oil drilling is going to help climate change rapidly change in a negative way. Many animals homes are in this refuge. Oil drilling would cause roads, pipes, and lots of issues for the wildlife. We need to protect this vast land of land and sea as it is home to so many species of animals! By signing this petition you are helping to spread awareness about this major issue. Also, you are helping to slow down climate change and save animals homes. Let's stop the oil exploration together!