Protect and Save Pointe-Claire’s decades-old Fairview Forest and Wetland

Protect and Save Pointe-Claire’s decades-old Fairview Forest and Wetland

May 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tyler Mcgrath

Did you know that one of Pointe-Claire’s remaining forest and wetland areas is at risk of destruction?

Citizens of Pointe-Claire and neighboring cities have formed a group, Save Fairview Forest, in order to stop development of this land. Specifically, Cadillac-Fairview’s development of the Fairview Forest and the environmental effect it will have on 50 acres of mature trees and wetland, including the twenty-two acres of rare trees, such as the White Oak, that have been there close to 100 years, home to the Brown Snake that lives only in the Montreal region, foxes, owls and raptors, all face removal.

What is truly problematic is that the area of Fairview Forest is presently zoned multi-use for residential and commercial use and the previous administration of Pointe-Claire had signed an agreement with Cadillac- Fairview for development. In doing so, devastating damage will be caused to the land.

Cadillac-Fairview was suing Pointe- Claire’s recently elected Mayor Thomas and his new council for the delay caused by the impending freeze.

 Regrettably, the proposed Cadillac-Fairview residential development project has now been given the “go ahead” at an April 7, 2022 meeting after a majority of Pointe-Claire councilors (6-3) voted in favor to exclude it from the interim control measure proposed at an earlier council meeting that would have had it included as part of an overall development freeze. However, on CTV’s Tuesday, May 3, 2022 evening news report it was mentioned that two more councilors have now voted (8-1) against the exclusion from development. This has once again put the progress of Cadillac-Fairview's development in jeopardy. Mayor Thomas has been very clear on his opposition to this project.

What would we like to see happen?

Genevieve Lussier, spokesperson for the Save the Fairview Forest had hoped that the City of Pointe-Claire’s temporary freeze on development would remain in place until consultations were held and a new urban plan was developed. She said, “We want this to be a positive experience moving forward with the city engaging in a meaningful dialogue with Cadillac-Fairview, so that everyone has a say.”

The city has claimed that the exemption is for development of the Fairview parking lot area only, not the forest. However, from the town hall meeting Cadillac-Fairview held on March 30, 2022, Lussier said her group has understood that Cadillac-Fairview still has plans to develop the forest. 

Presently, Cadillac-Fairview states that they are going to leave 10 acres of this land for walking and bike trails. Lussier states this is still too much forest removed as this is one of the last remaining forest and wetland areas in Pointe-Claire. The REM de L’Ouest has already taken up 8 of the 50 acres.

The Save Fairview Forest group is concerned because there are so many development phases, if any one of them is removed we are not going to be able to have a comprehensive plan for all the different zones. Hence The Save Fairview Forest group wants the whole remaining 42 acres saved. 

Why do I care about this issue? 

Firstly, I love forests. Since I was a little boy my grandma took my sister and myself on many long walks in the woods at Terra-Cotta, especially on hot summer days as it was so cool and refreshing under the shade of the tall trees. I also learned to appreciate and love the forest, its beauty and calmness while frequently camping with my family. 

I want Fairview Forest to remain as one of these large areas, not just a small place of greenness so that my generation and generations to come may have a place to walk and enjoy the vegetation, shade and creatures that make it their home. This wonderful forest and wetland areas contributes greatly to the cooling of the neighborhood and surrounding areas helping with the problem of global warming.

What concerns and upsets me is that this incredible ecological system in Fairview Forest exists for the animals, birds and humans, yet we would be willing to destroy it with development to be lost forever. This amazing Fairview Forest can be made into a beautiful area with walking paths like Terra-Cotta leaving the precious wetland, forest and wildlife untouched.  

Please support The Save Fairview Forest initiative

by signing this petition to strongly urge Cadillac Fairview to cease any possible  development on the Fairview Forest and Wetland.

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Our goal and purpose of this petition is to save all 42 acres of this precious Fairview Forest.


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Signatures: 31Next Goal: 50
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