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Alberta Canada is home to one of our national treasures, the majestic native wild horse. Our Canadian mustangs are a symbol of Canada's rich heritage and should be treated as a revered and protected native animal.
In Western Canada, horse populations once numbered in the millions. Currently, unprotected and routinely "culled" these wild horses are being indiscriminately sent to slaughter for human consumption. An ariel count performed by the ESRD in March 2013 estimated 980 wild horses were living in the Rocky Mountian foothills. 31 per cent of the total wild horse herd has been trapped in the past two seasons and in January of 2014 another record capture season, to cull 200 wild horses, was announced by the ESRD. If we don't act now to study and protect them, Alberta's wild horses will be gone and forever lost.

I'm calling on all Canadians and the International community to join me in demanding that the Canadian Government, both Provincial and Federal, finally commit to protect our wild horses by creating cohesive legislation under which all our wild horses will be protected and granted the freedom to roam our public Lands, which is as much theirs as it is ours. 

Stop the cull and review this out of date management strategy. Support independent environmental and biological studies and work towards cohesive national wild horse legislation. 


This petition was delivered to:
  • Prime Minister of Canada
    Honourable Stephen Harper
  • Office of the Minister, Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation
    Honourable Christine Cusanelli
  • Alberta Feral Horses
  • Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest
    Stephen Harper
  • Minister of the Environment
    Honourable Leona AGLUKKAQ
  • Minister of Heritage
    Shelly Glover
  • Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
    Honourable Robin Campbell
  • Alberta Premier
    Premier Dave Hancock, QC (PC)
  • Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada
    Stephen Harper

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