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1 million acres of prime wolf, bear and salmon habitat adjacent to Lake Clark and Katmai national parks could be opened to new mining claims with the stroke of a pen. 

Closed to mining since 1971, these wild Alaska lands are integral to Bristol Bay's salmon-supporting ecosystem that is anchored by these two great national parks. 

A recommendation from the Bureau of Land Management to lift this mineral closure and expand a modern day gold rush was issued in the last days of the Bush Administration and we need your help to send this bad idea back to the drawing board.

Letter to
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar
Last November, just after the election, the Bureau of Land Management recommended that you lift a mineral closure that has kept 1 million acres of land adjacent to Katmai and Lake Clark national parks closed to mining since 1971. These parks are located in southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay, home of the largest wild salmon fishery left on earth and an area already under siege from a future mining district that is anchored by the proposed Pebble Mine.

Please don’t sign anything that would open these lands to mining. The modern day gold rush occurring in this region is threatening not only the fish and wildlife, but also the livelihood of many local residents that depend on undeveloped lands. Adding another million acres to the stampede for gold will only add to the problems.

Instead, I would ask that you send the recommendation back to BLM to have them do a better job of scientifically reviewing the impacts of 1 million acres of new mines upon the area’s fish and wildlife and our national parks. Please ask the BLM to evaluate permanent protections for these lands for the sake of Bristol Bay’s clean waters and cultural traditions, and so we can protect Katmai and Lake Clark’s wolves, bears and wild salmon forever.

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