Save the Muir Park Neighborhood!

Save the Muir Park Neighborhood!

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Neighbors of Muir Park started this petition to Prospect Heights Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals and

We, the residents of Prospect Heights, Wheeling, and the broader community, stand firmly opposed to the town-home development that Lexington Homes wants to build on the Muir Park and/or Jolly Fun House School properties. This development is not in the interest of anyone who lives in the surrounding community!

  • The planned 61-69 town-homes would at least double the population of our subdivision, which already has over 70 single family homes.
  • Oak Avenue is the only way in or out of the planned development area, and it leads out into the existing subdivision.
  • The neighborhood has no sidewalks or streetlights!
  • We are located across the street from Wheeling High School, and many of our children walk through the neighborhood to get to school.
  • The inevitable increase in motor vehicle and foot traffic poses safety risk to pedestrians, especially children playing in the street (because, again, we have no sidewalks, or street lights).
  • The development would remove over 200 trees!
  • Those 60-80 year-old cottonwood trees help drink up water in an area prone to flooded lawns and streets, as we have water drainage issues in the spring.
  • What about the impact on our long-term water supply? Many of the homes in the area entirely dependent on well water.
  • This private development would also interfere with the ability of the existing residents to use, access, and enjoy Muir Park and what is left of our public space!
  • What about our property values? Having access to that space is part of the appeal of the neighborhood.
  • We are appalled that the Park District even entertained the idea of a land-swap deal with a private development company to sell off public land and re-draw park lines.
  • We enjoy our public park and open green space! The residents of this community interact and get to know the names of their neighbors, and even the names of their neighbor’s pets, because of how widely this space is frequented. It is unique and beloved feature of our neighborhood precisely because it facilitates the creation of community.

We demand that the Prospect Heights Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals reject the Lexington Homes application in pursuit of this development. At the very least, this area should stay zoned as single family residential. We do not want an obtrusive, overpriced town-home development to destroy this neighborhood’s green space. In the event that this development is allowed to continue moving forward and is put to Prospect Heights City Council for a vote, we demand that Mayor Helmer and our Aldermen, who were elected to represent the interests of our community, take action to stop this project from being developed.

Say no to Lexington Homes!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!