Prosecute this Amish man in Ephrata, PA, Lancaster County for animal cruelty of horse!

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A witness saw an Amish man beating his horse to the point of collapse on a street in Ephrata, PA on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. The horse was attached to a carriage filled with Watermelons and two adult men were riding it as well. When the horse was unable to pull the carriage by itself, one man stood next to the exhausted horse and beat it until it collapsed. The man continued to kick, hit, and pull on the helpless animal, as it appeared to be dying. The witness immediately called the police and they arrived at the scene. Police told the witness he was unsure if the outcome because the Amish are governed under a different law. Does this mean that the Amish community are exempt from prosecution for animal cruelty??? We must fight and demand that he be prosecuted under the same animal cruelty laws of the other citizens guilty of the same crime. Please sign this petition and contact the individuals listed on this petition to demand the prosecution of the man who did this. Demand that the laws do not allow anyone to be exempt from animal cruelty laws. Share this everyone in order to get enough signatures to put an end to this. We are the voices for the voiceless and without us they remain unprotected and vulnerable to continued abuse.

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